• Fanless

Cool, quiet Fan less method implemented

  • Cable

Simple and clean wiring for peripheral connections.

  • Secure Readability

Gently move the screen up, down, left, and right monitor for customers according to eye level improving readability.

  • Batch control

Upload staff requisitions on job sites to automatically download relevant candidates CVs & conduct tests, interviews, generate offer letters & convert selected candidates data.

  • Security Feature

Built-in protection for illegal use. (Site designation Possible) Supports PC/SC support, IC Card Reader. Magnetic Stripe Data Encryption Feature Support (AES).

  • Customisable display

Replace Body and stand replacement with One Touch. Instantly switched to wall-mount, after detaching from stand.


  • MSR

Left and right I / O port access placement is easy and port placed in a dedicated MSR (MiniUSB), SR Interface (Serial & USB) cable changeable without altering
Control port-installed to support Cash drawer.
Default interface is USB and RS232 is available by CMOS setting
Smart all-in-one combination for MSR, SCR and Dallas key
(MSR + SCR + Dallas key as well as MSR, SCR and MSR + SCR)

  • 2nd LCD display

10inch and 15inch LCD display support 1024 × 768 Resolution Ultra slim bezel and case design tilt and swivel adjustment bracket structure support

  • VFD

VFD type
20 columns × 2 lines
MSR designed Body family look
Tilt & angle adjustment bracket structure
OPOS support
tilt and swivel support