RIST will act as the software planning consultation and solutions to small and medium sized company’s arm of software consultation and development firm based in BAHRAIN. Our management expertise in dealing with corporate decision makers and future partner’s reputation will be the cornerstone of our success. Through preliminary discussions, RIST applies in-depth understanding of company’s business and IT needs to consultation and deliver solutions that will help your management achieve its desired business performance. RIST will perform an analysis of all potential clients’ planning strategies and tactics as well as their degree of attitude with planning consultation and development. The goal of this analysis is to ensure that all clients get a solution that best fit for their needs and capabilities. Whether they decide to purchase the product or develop customized software, they will have an expert analysis of their planning strategies.

  • Preliminary Approach
  • Initial Fact-Finding / Preliminary Discussion
  • Define Goals and Expectations
  • Organize Project Steering Committee
  • Training
  • Project Specifications
  • Pre-proposal and Review (with cost estimation)
  • Detailed Feasibility Study (Quantify functional and technical aspects)
  • Budgetary Assistance
  • Cost Justification
  • Risk Assessments
  • Project Management (Development & Implementation)
  • Systems Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project documentation

RIST provides further value to our customers, by ensuring that all product users are properly trained in the use of all software solutions. We will provide an additional product, which will give the client a decided service representative eliminating the need for product updates. This will be in essence to create a “living” product, which can grow and adapt with the client’s needs. At RIST, we provide continuous support for clients. We offer various levels of support for applications and systems; including help-desk, on-site consulting and remote assistance. Our friendly Executive Consultants, backed by our Technical Support Unit, can help companies develop and implement new functionalities, train new users, assist & troubleshoot system error encounters and application issues, and continuously assist clients in assessing your system & application needs to meet your ever-changing business requirements.