RIST help you establishing a solid success

RIST and their software solutions help you with converting your operations in all shops and stores to digital platforms which enables you to achieve supremacy and business improvement. RIST Purchases and Inventory system was designed to simplify your work with managing inventory operations represented in purchases, PO’s, delivery notes, sales, pricing, costs, damages, stock taking operations and monthly/yearly closing in your shops and warehouses as well as points of sale which you can get measurements indicators of your business environment

What RIST do to help their customers

  • Simplifying and integrating inventory operations. Products data entry and pricing through different categories.
  • Managing stock take operations, acquiring live results and actual checking to match all operations.
  • Tracking and managing Suppliers and customers’ data and analyzing their transactions data and providing measurements indicators to take decisions on purchase, reorders and storage.
  • Tracking and managing all purchases transactions of purchase contracts, purchase orders, goods receiving notes, freight and customs costs calculations based on different plans subject to company’s activity to get the actual or estimated costs, etc.
  • Tracking and managing all wholesale transactions starting from quotations, invoices, returns and their related reports.
  • Tracking and managing estimated budgets and daily/monthly deviations in addition to making target plans for sales and purchases transactions.

RIST are obligated to help their customers with live updates to improve applying procedures and privileges in a regular basis and to provide support on both local and international level with fast and unique response.