How Rist Hr payroll Software Can Help Your Business

RIST help you establishing a solid success

RIST assist in transferring the manual HR work into digital platforms where you can improve your HR system for achieving more success and development. RIST has been developing to simplify your human resource operations and to get a clear picture of your business environment according to different tasks, activities, job description and organizational structures.


Rist Hr payroll Software features

Basic HR and payroll reports:

  • Simplifying and unifying basic HR & payroll sheets.
  •  Managing employees’ allowances, deductions and monitoring their loans.
  •  Managing employees’ efficiencies, following up their performances and processing their records like hiring, training, evaluation, insurance and other affairs.
  •  Time and attendance management by supporting a variety of fingerprints devices per company’s policy. Measurements indicators to assist you with improving performances for each employee.
  •  Employees liabilities and documents and visas about to expire.
  • Customized Organizational structure model that enable RIST HR & Payroll system to manage different types of activates which can be joined to a flexible wages system to utilize the company’s regulations and policies represented in raises, bonuses, allowances and jobs description.

Human capital analysis:

  •  Making man power strategies and building solid measurements that contribute in applying a clear vision of human resources and their effects on business.

Labor utilization:

  •  As companies who could analyze their employees’ data, RIST give you the ability to achieve that by joining their data with income and expenses.

What you get from our Software

RIST HR & Payroll system is not complicated. It is easy to use and operate. It gives you a hand to achieve success in multiple work environments for companies, factories, shops or any business type.

RIST solutions can be customized to suit a variety of countries laws and regulations including employees leaves, absences, deductions and normal and sick leaves.

  • Improving employee’s performances.
  • Providing HR services with means of more efficiency and accuracy.
  • Alerting employees to be ready for facing business challenges in present and future.
  •  Complying HR strategies with business needs.
  •  Providing tools for employees’ performances and continuous evaluations along with all regular operations that help in making the right decisions.