Have you ever thought of having a customer loyalty program to your business?
And what about offering gift cards for your customers to purchase?
Are you trying to encourage customers to spend more during a visit?
Are you trying to encourage repeat visits? Reward a point each time a customer checks-in.
Are you trying to spread the word about your business? Reward customers for posting about their visit on social media. All this questions RIST can solve it for you.
Customers love these kinds of programs. What’s more, done right they achieve real financial benefits. loyalty programs increase purchases by 20%.


What Is My Goal with a Loyalty Rewards Program?

The goals for starting a loyalty program may vary, but should include:
Boosting sales to existing customers
Relevant nearby offers at the right time and place
Real-time point issuing and quick redemption
Real- time access to loyalty accounts via mobile app or member portal
Track progress of your own activity within the program
Finding new customers through referrals
Lowering marketing costs
Encouraging customers to purchase additional products and services
Once the program is under way, you should also strive to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and develop closer relationships with the people who matter most to your business.

How RIST help you to Choose a Loyalty Program

Type of Loyalty Program RIST can offer for you: Paper cards with punch holes, or a slick interactive mobile app? These are both examples of loyalty programs – albeit, on opposite ends of the spectrum. Deciding what medium, you’ll use is the next key step to starting your program. Here’s the options that are available today:


Customers download a smartphone app and register to join your program. To add points, they can scan a QR-code on the screen. Or, you can add/subtract points automatically by integrating your POS. RIST POS system, our recommended POS provider, lets you create a custom-branded app using simple online tools.

Swipe Cards:

Plastic credit card-shaped loyalty cards can be swiped or scanned to earn points.
The advantage to cards is that you don’t need a smartphone to join. The downside is you can’t engage customers with reminders and notifications as you can with a smartphone app. Also, swipe cards are prone to getting lost.


Some loyalty programs are entirely hands-free. If you save customer email addresses in your POS, you can use them to automatically add points. The key advantage here is that customers never have to worry about bringing a card or opening an app. The downside, however, is that customers may be less engaged without a physical object on their hand.