Our Mission is Clear

To Create a good experience and to inspire, reinvent & redefine technology


Adel Saleh

The tech of tomorrow, delivered today

“At RIST, our purpose is to inspire customers to grow their business through managing information. For over 3 years, we’ve been helping companies achieve new levels of success with our IT Business solutions. We call our philosophy “customer inspired” because we put customers first, listen to their unique requirements, and create business solutions to solve problems.
Our IT Business solutions are unlike any other on the market today and we are offering too many applications essential to increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and improving employee performance and customer service efforts.
I hope you’re inspired to further automate your business in order to increase profits, gain market share, improve efficiencies and enhance relationships. Connect with us to start transforming information into real business results.”

Our Performance

Always focused on reaching set targets and improvising regularly to ensure our goals are met in record time. By ensuring our customers get an unique experience each and every time.

Our Team

RIST team consists of qualified, talented and innovators of information technology each with their own area of expertise. Composed of programmers, designers and developers who have the ability and expertise to create successful solutions to your needs of custom software development, from small to complex enterprise systems to large corporations.

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